Welcome to Finance Challenge 2020 Online

Create a team of 4 people and fight for 1500 EUR prize pool!


Who can participate?

Any bachelor student of finance related degree

It is a team game

Pair up with 4 students and think of a creative name of your team

Solve tasks

In the first round you will be given short 10 tasks testing your finance knowledge. Top 12 teams will be given the case to determine 3 winners.

Compare yourself

SSER FC provides with the opportunity to compare your knowledge against international bechmark. Become a winner!


The SSE Riga Finance Challenge is an international competition for high-school and university students from all over the world, which is unique in the Baltics. Finance challenge has always been a summit of knowledge and a celebration of finance supremacy over other disciplines. Its main task is to gather students and bring international competitiveness spirit into SSE Riga, it also serves as a milestone for checking the knowledge and comparing ourselves against international benchmark. Finance Challenge is so unique because of people that participate, because of those who foster international friendship and knowledge sharing. Participants will get an opportunity to apply the knowledge in Economics and Finance in practice as well as to win valuable prizes amounting to EUR 1500! The online preliminary rounds start on May 15, 2020 and last for 2 weeks, after which 12 best-performing teams are invited to participate in the Grand Final.

  • 15 May-15 June
  • Prize pool 1500 EUR

Team requirements

This year Financial Challenge is standing up for gender equality. Living in modern world, we realize the importance of giving equal chances to everyone. It means that this year, in order to participate, we require you to for teams of 4, at least one team member has to be a female or male. The team has to come up with a name of a team (in case the name comes out to be inappropriate, iFund has right to deny participation if the name is considered to be unsuitable by the organizers). Each member of the team is required to register individually at the Competition website. If you do not have enough team members, you will be randomly assigned to other participants with the same condition.

  • Team of four
  • At least one female or male
  • High school students and bachelor students

Knowledge tested

This year we introduce Trading into Grand Final, meaning that you will be able to try yourself out on StockTrack. Due to the current situation, the challenge will take place online, meaning, no matter where you are from, you can easily participate and compete for the title of winners of the Finance Challenge 2020. The competition challenges contestants to complete tasks on Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Valuation, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management and Macroeconomics.

Practical application

Solve financial tasks in real life scenarious with our cases

Trading, Strategy, Skills

Create the highest PnL for your team on StockTrack platform

Do not miss the opportunity to show your knowledge in finance!



At SSER we are strong at deadlines. Therefore, pay attention!

1st May Online start of registering

Please fill the google form. We will contact you.

Close of registration 14th May

All team will receive a welcome message by our Rector Prof. Anders Paalzow.

15th May Online Round 1 start!

You will find tasks and detailed instructions in your mailbox.

Submit on 30th of May.

You will have to type in the answers in the excel sheet provided. Do not worry, in case you have the answer incorrect we will look at your solution as well. Show the solution clearly! These has to be sent by 23:59 on 30th of May to ifund@sseriga.edu. Late solutions are not accepted.

2nd of June. Start of online Round 2!

Top 12 teams are selected to the finals. Top 3 teams from those who did not get into finals are awarded runner up prizes. Those who succeded start trading and solving cases. More info on that later.

Submit on 15th of June

Solutions to cases have to be submitted in written format by 23:59 on 15th of June.

Info sessions

We have prepared special informational sessions for different participating countries. Join us at 18:00 in the respective day and ask your questions! We will tell about format and other necessary info!

Do not miss the opportunity to show your knowledge in finance!



We are very grateful to sponsors who make FC possible


Financing business

SSER iFund

Student Organisation


Student Association of SSE Riga


We make sure that grading is professional by asking top financiers to help

Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA

Ranked #12 in the world for financial modeling. Founder & CEO at CFOTemplates.com

An internationally recognized financial modeling expert. Officially ranked #12 worldwide at financial modelling. As an owner of a financial consulting company, he is helping companies to - improve financial planning and reporting processes, - do financial modeling for new business projects, - train financial modeling to your in-house finance specialists.

Artjoms Ogorodniks

Senior Consultant in Forensic & Integrity Services at EY

Artjoms earned 3rd place in Rotman European Trading Competition, an intensive quantitative finance challenge gathering 40 teams from the leading European Universities. He also ranked Top 15-20% in ModelOff – financial modeling competition gathering 5000+ worldwide professionals.

Juris Grišins

Manager at Capitalia

Senior Executive of Capitalia - the leading non-banking financing provider for small and medium companies in the Baltic States. His previous background is investment banking and venture capital fund management.


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